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QAA responds to publication of the DfE White Paper 'Skills for Jobs: Lifelong Learning for Opportunity and Growth'

Date: January 22 - 2021
The publication of the Skills for Jobs White Paper in England on 21 January 2021 reiterates the Westminster Government’s commitment to supporting credit transfer and flexible learning and the important role of colleges and universities in the economy.

QAA shares the ambition set out in the White Paper for a 'well-integrated and aligned higher education and further education system, with the flexibility that enables students to move between settings to suit their needs'. 

QAA is currently consulting on updates to the higher education academic credit framework in England and welcomes the Government’s plan to take action to incentivise credit transfer, including through appropriate funding and removing regulatory impediments to shorter duration, modular and flexible qualifications.

QAA’s Members from universities and colleges have demonstrated their interest in working in partnership to deliver new, flexible lifelong learning opportunities and skills, and we will work closely with our members and the Government to develop these reforms.

QAA Members can read our briefing note on the White Paper and other recent announcements relating to the Government's response to the Augar Review, the statutory TEF Review, and the DfE consultation on Post-Qualification Admissions Reform, available on our Membership Resources Site.