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QAA responds to DfE consultation on designated quality body

Date: January 30 - 2018

The Department for Education (DfE) has published the responses to a series of consultations on higher education regulation in England.

One of the consultations was on designation of a quality body for higher education. QAA was the only organisation to confirm its interest in being designated.

Ninety-eight per cent of the 158 organisations and individuals responding to the consultation said that QAA was capable of meeting all the designation conditions.

In its consultation outcome report, DfE says: Overall there was overwhelming support for the QAA as a body that is credible and suitable to fulfil the role of the designated quality body (DQB).

QAA chief executive Douglas Blackstock said: ‘For QAA to receive this overwhelming endorsement from colleagues across UK higher education is both rewarding and a recognition of the positive role we have played in safeguarding standards and quality in a world class sector.

‘We look forward to the Secretary of State’s decision, and stand ready to deliver an innovative quality system that works for students and the whole of our diverse higher education community – universities, colleges and alternative providers.’