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QAA publishes Country Guide for Greece

Date: May 14 - 2024

QAA has published a new country guide for members of its QE-TNE Scheme.

Commissioned by Universities UK and GuildHE, this Scheme explores and promotes quality enhancement activity in transnational education on a country-by-country basis.

Our latest report takes a deep dive into higher education in Greece - a country whose global reputation in this field dates back as far as Plato's establishment of his academy in Athens 2,411 years ago.

Today, Greece maintains robust levels of participation in higher education, with 44.2% of 21-24 years holding a tertiary-level degree - nearly 3% higher than the EU average.

Last year, reforms to its university funding model introduced 'quality criteria', which include the degrees of internationalisation in which providers are involved. And, just this month, the Greek Parliament passed a law allowing overseas institutions to establish their own branches in the country.

Our country guide details the types of institutions, both public and private, which comprise Greece's higher education landscape, their admissions processes and fee structures, and the legal, regulatory and quality frameworks in which they operate.

It also examines the UK transnational education market in Greece - a country which, in hosting 23% of Britain's TNE student population in Europe, represents the largest national contributor to that market.

Although that market is currently dominated by four higher education institutions, there are currently 26 British providers offering TNE in Greece. A recent survey by the British Council has reported high levels of student satisfaction with this provision.

Based on research conducted with institutions and agencies based in Greece, our report goes on to present a series of recommendations for TNE provision in the country, including advice around the learner experience, graduate employability, partnership arrangements, branch campuses, pricing strategies, student-centred approaches and disciplinary specialisms.

QE-TNE Scheme participants can access this Country Guide and the full suite of QE-TNE Scheme resources on our Membership Resources site. Sign up to use the site by completing our simple registration form.