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QAA announces advisory groups for upcoming Subject Benchmark Statement reviews

Date: February 1 - 2024

QAA has confirmed the membership of the advisory groups for the Subject Benchmark Statements being reviewed in 2024-25.  

Subject Benchmark Statements outline the academic standards expected of graduates and articulate what they might reasonably be expected to know, do and understand at the end of their studies.  

QAA leads on the development of Subject Benchmark Statements, ensuring they are kept current and provide value to the discipline communities by reviewing them on a cyclical basis. To ensure that the SBS reviews take into account a diverse and broad spectrum of ideas, opinion and experience on the subject areas considered, each review has its own advisory group, comprising members of the academic community, employers, professional, statutory and regulatory bodies (PSRBs) and students.  

In 2024-25, QAA is reviewing the following subjects:  

  • Accounting 
  • Finance 
  • Librarianship, Information, Knowledge, Records and Archives Management  
  • Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Philosophy  
  • Music  
  • Education Studies 
  • Public Policy and Public Administration 

A full list of the advisory groups and their membership is available on our website. 

Dr Ailsa Crum, QAA’s Director of Membership, Quality Enhancement and Standards said:  

‘I look forward to working with our new Advisory Group members on the Subject Benchmark Reviews in the year ahead. Their considerable contribution is essential in ensuring that Subject Benchmark Statements remain a valuable resource for the sector'.