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QAA announces Chairs and Deputy Chairs to lead reviews of Subject Benchmark Statements in 2024-25

Date: December 1 - 2023

QAA has announced the appointment of new Chairs and Deputy Chairs to lead the review of eight Subject Benchmark Statements in 2024-25. This follows an expression of interest phase earlier this year with successful appointments having been made from QAA member institutions across the UK.

Subject Benchmark Statements, which have been drafted and published by QAA for over two decades, describe the nature of study and the academic standards expected of graduates in specific subject areas. They show what graduates can reasonably be expected to know, do and understand at the end of their studies.

Chairs and Deputy Chairs, alongside Advisory Groups, lead the development of Statements in their subject area to ensure they serve as a useful resource for discipline communities and can inform a range of purposes - including as reference points in the design, delivery and review of academic courses. The process of creating and reviewing subject benchmarks is facilitated by QAA.


  • Chair: Professor Joan Ballantine, University of Ulster
  • Deputy Chair: Professor Greg Stoner, University of Glasgow
  • Deputy Chair: Professor Anita Krishnan, University of Southampton


  • Chair: Professor Andrew Marshall, University of Strathclyde
  • Deputy Chair: Dr Abraham Adu, University of Aberdeen
  • Deputy Chair: Professor Susan Smith, University College London

Librarianship, Information, Knowledge, Records and Archives Management

  • Chair: Dr Ellen Buck, University of Suffolk
  • Deputy Chair: Dr David McMenemy, University of Glasgow


  • Chair: Professor Mike Gunn, University of Birmingham
  • Deputy Chair: Professor Mervyn Roy, University of Leicester
  • Deputy Chair: Professor Alison Voice, University of Leeds


  • Chair: Professor Stephen Mumford, Durham University
  • Deputy Chair: Dr Derek Brown, University of Glasgow


  • Chair: Professor Chris Collins, University of Aberdeen; Independent Society of Musicians; MusicHE
  • Deputy Chair: Dr Lauren Redhead, Goldsmiths, University of London

Education Studies

  • Chair: Professor Richard Woolley, University of Hull
  • Deputy Chair: Professor Jackie Potter, University of Chester
  • Deputy Chair: Dr Caroline Stockman, University of Winchester

Public Policy and Public Administration

  • Chair: Dr Karin Bottom, University of Birmingham
  • Deputy Chair: Professor Alasdair Blair, De Montfort University
  • Deputy Chair: Dr Amanda Crompton, University of Nottingham

To ensure the subject benchmark  reviews take into account a diverse and broad spectrum of ideas, opinion and experience, each subject area has  its own advisory group, comprising members of the academic community, employers, professional, statutory and regulatory bodies (PSRBs), and students.   

You can find out more about QAA’s work on Subject Benchmark Statements on our website.