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New QAA Data Dictionary supports providers working with data

Date: July 29 - 2021

Our new Data Dictionary promotes a shared understanding of key terminology associated with data use and management, within and among member providers.

The resource aims to support staff and students from QAA Member institutions when engaging with data in the context of the quality assurance and enhancement of higher education.

The dictionary was informed by engaging with representatives from the higher education sector, representing a range of staff roles (for example, quality, planning and academic departments) and across a breadth of institutions from small, single-subject providers to large, multi-campus universities. QAA was also supported by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) - the designated data body for higher education in England.

QAA Members can access the Data Dictionary on our Membership Resources site.

The dictionary evolved from the Using Data to Enhance Outcomes research that took place from September 2020 to January 2021. The full report outlining the findings of that research can also be accessed on the Membership Resources site. In addition, QAA previously compiled a taxonomy for digital learning as part of its COVID-19 guidance series.

QAA Members can sign up to use the Membership Resources site by completing our simple registration form. It is available for all staff and students from QAA Member institutions.

You can find out more about QAA Membership, including our exciting programme of activities and resources for 2021-22, on our website.