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Helping students to understand how assessment can help their learning

Date: February 7 - 2022

A new QAA resource aims to support students in understanding learning outcomes to make the most of the opportunities that assessment presents.

The resource consists of an infographic and a series of videos offering practical advice on how to approach an assessment, breaking it down into milestones such as reviewing the learning outcomes, understanding what the task is asking you to do, completing the assessment, and making use of feedback.

QAA’s Director of Membership, Quality Enhancement and Standards, Dr Ailsa Crum, said: ‘This contributes to our growing range of student-facing resources focused on enhancing students’ understanding of assessment and engagement with their wider learning experience. It’s a practical resource that can be used directly by students and by staff who are supporting students.’

Understanding Learning Outcomes and Assessment has been produced in our capacity as a membership organisation and is available via our public website. It complements the Unpacking Assessments: Student Guide that was published last year for QAA Quality Insights Membership package holders.