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Evidencing value in higher education beyond the metrics: New toolkit available

Date: October 5 - 2022

Evidencing value in higher education beyond the metrics entails delving into ‘intangible assets’, things that we know are vitally important elements of a high-quality educational offer but are sometimes difficult to evidence in an increasingly metrics-driven world. Our new toolkit aims to address this challenge by supporting QAA Members to identify and gather focused evidence about priority intangible assets in your context.

The toolkit follows a three-step approach.

  • Step 1: Identifying and prioritising the intangible asset(s) you wish to focus on.
  • Step 2: Mapping where and how you value the intangible asset(s) currently.
  • Step 3: Planning for targeted evaluation and enhancement.

The aim of the toolkit is to support members to move beyond offering descriptions of initiatives and services, or soundbite opinions and anecdotes, to showcase their intangible assets in systematic and richly evidenced ways. The toolkit encompasses readymade tools, guides, PowerPoint presentations, case studies and additional resources to support members in the planning and delivery of workshops, and collaborative work to recognise and articulate your priority activities.

Dr Ailsa Crum, Director of Membership, Quality Enhancement & Standards commented: ‘In solving some of the “wicked problems” that we face in higher education, there is a need to understand what our “intangible assets” are, how they contribute to student success, and how we can evaluate and enhance these assets. This engaging and interactive toolkit supports QAA Members in identifying, understanding and evidencing the value of their institution’s intangible assets.’

This resource is designed to be used by academic and professional services staff and students, in partnership with key stakeholders from within and outwith their institution. The toolkit is available to staff and students in QAA Member institutions via our Membership Resources Site. First-time users can register for the site via this simple form.

We will be launching the toolkit at our Evidencing Value Beyond the Metrics launch webinar and participatory workshop on Wednesday 5 October. Registration is open via our events booking site and numbers are not restricted. Places for the workshop are now allocated but you can join the waiting list by contacting