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Enhancing quality in digital learning environments

Date: July 3 - 2020

As universities and colleges work to develop innovative digital learning environments, QAA has published guidance to help providers develop a toolkit in order to enhance the quality of digital learning for their students.

Drawing on discussions with QAA member institutions, our latest publication offers key considerations and reflective questions to support higher education providers as they plan for next academic year. It also links to a range of helpful sources for further reading.

Higher education providers are beginning to release statements regarding their intent to retain a wholly digital approach, return to onsite provision, or offer a blend of both. The digital environment will remain a crucial aspect of this 'new normal' and how quality is maintained is an important discussion.

The guidance covers the following key areas:

  • A strategic approach
  • Programme design, approval and management
  • Student-centred learning, teaching and assessment
  • Support for teaching staff
  • Learning resources and student support

This guidance is part of QAA's third phase of COVID-19 support, looking ahead to the next academic year and how higher education will evolve after the immediate pandemic response. You can find the full suite of guidance on QAA's dedicated COVID-19 support page.