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200 institutions sign QAA’s Academic Integrity Charter

Date: May 19 - 2022

200 higher education institutions and bodies have now signed QAA’s Academic Integrity Charter, representing the sector’s collective commitment to protecting and promoting academic integrity and taking action against academic misconduct.

The Charter contains seven principles and was developed in collaboration with the UK Academic Integrity Advisory Group, which comprises representatives from across the UK higher education sector. It has been endorsed by higher education ministers from across the UK. It has been developed in QAA’s capacity as a membership organisation.

QAA recently welcomed the passage into legislation of the Skills & Post-16 Education Bill, which criminalises essay mills and the advertising of these illegitimate services in England. This had been a goal of QAA’s academic integrity campaign for some years.

Speaking about the Charter, QAA’s Director of Corporate Affairs, Tom Yates said: ‘QAA is pleased that 200 institutions and bodies have now signed the Academic Integrity Charter, reflecting a strong cross-sector commitment to the promotion of academic integrity. 

‘We intend to work with the Academic Integrity Working Group and our members to collect and share examples of how the Charter’s principles have helped to inform institutional policies and practices that ensure that each student’s qualification is genuine, verifiable and respected.’

The Charter was first launched in October 2020, and was signed by all Welsh universities in August 2021. UK universities and colleges can view and sign up to the Academic Integrity Charter on QAA’s dedicated webpage.