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Our work in this area is designed to support members in the planning and delivery of higher vocational education, highlighting the importance of work-based learning in meeting future needs of the economy.


Resources provide members with more information about higher education in apprenticeships, focusing on opportunities and challenges associated with their delivery.

Member resources

Event materials


We hold a series of webinars for members to raise challenges and identify opportunities associated with the delivery of work-based learning and apprenticeships. A range of materials from these events are available via the Membership Resources site including:

Case studies


Providers work closely with organisations outside the sector to give students authentic, structured opportunities for learning in a workplace setting. A set of case studies share the experiences of member institutions in areas including:


Higher education in apprenticeships

These resources are designed to provide members with more information about higher education in apprenticeships in the UK, focusing on oversight and quality and standards.


Characteristics Statement for Higher Education in Apprenticeships

We are currently revising the existing Characteristics Statement for Higher Education in Apprenticeships.

Collaborative Enhancement Projects

We are supporting a number of Collaborative Enhancement Projects which are developing further insights and outputs for members related to apprenticeships.

PSRB Forums

Our PSRB Forums support regular engagement between professional, statutory and regulatory bodies (PSRBs) and our members. They discuss current topics and develop understanding of the different perspectives and requirements for students to complete accredited courses and move into the professions.