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As data becomes a key focus of evidencing quality, higher education providers have had to increase their capacity for more complex data collection and analyses.


We produce resources for members and engage in activities to explore how data is used to assure and enhance the quality of higher education provision. We include consideration of numerical and qualitative evidence, as well as keeping a focus on those aspects we value most about higher education.


We prompt members to consider if they have the right data to inform their decision making and focus on how to accommodate discussions with students and other stakeholders to inform the use of evidence.

Member resources

Evidencing value: Beyond the metrics

This toolkit provides a 3-step approach that will enable you to identify, understand and evidence the value of what we call 'intangible assets'.

Using data to enhance outcomes

This research project investigated how data is used to inform quality assurance and enhancement activities. It identifies clear recommendations for members seeking to improve the use of data in their quality processes and, ultimately, enhance the student learning experience.

Tapping into the wisdom of students


This research project explored how higher education providers can use social media comments to drive quality improvements in higher education.

Effective evaluation

A collection of presentations from a series of events which helped to inform course evaluation and review.

Data dictionary


Our data dictionary promotes a shared understanding of key terminology associated with data use and management, within and among providers.


Educational gain


A suite of resources which enable members to explore educational gain including what it is, how to evaluate it and how to articulate it. These presentations are from an event that encouraged participants to think about educational gain related to and beyond the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).