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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, higher education providers had to rapidly shift to online teaching and learning and the majority of assessments had to subsequently be adapted and delivered online.


Student experience has been affected by the unforeseen changes and this is clear from a considerable drop in student satisfaction in The National Student Survey in 2021.


Many providers have also reported a decline in engagement from students as they struggled with the significant changes in pace and pressure to adapt to new forms of delivery with unequal technological capacities and capabilities.


This project involves colleagues from 10 different business schools across UK HE institutions, who have experienced divergent institutional strategies aimed at maintaining high student engagement levels with new learning formats.


Through a range of research methods and large scale surveying, the project team will investigate how students from these business schools have responded to the changes, and what their expectations are of the future of teaching and learning in light of their experience throughout the pandemic.


The research will result in the production of a digital guidebook for ‘Better student engagement through innovative practices introduced in response to Covid-19’. To accompany the guidebook, the team will develop a number of case studies which share effective practices in teaching and learning, showcasing how innovative approaches can have significant impact on the positive management of student experiences and engagement levels. To provide holistic and valuable learning points for the sector, the cases studies will also include examples of practice which did not deliver the expected outcomes.

Project lead:

Coventry University

Project partners:

Coventry University London, De Montfort University, Birmingham City University, Liverpool John Moores University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Northumbria University, University of East London, University of Greenwich and University of Huddersfield

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