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Whilst inclusive curriculum has become increasingly important in UK higher education, employability is often a neglected aspect of this discussion, added inconsistently through extra-curricular activity rather than integrated into teaching & learning.

This project built on existing work on the current inclusive curriculum to integrate employability development into good-quality teaching and learning, enabling higher education providers to support diverse student populations effectively.

The work of the project team led to the creation of a toolkit focused on pedagogy, assessments and employability. This valuable resource supports academic educators in developing employability through curriculum – which in turn supports students in gaining the knowledge, skills and experiences they need to successfully transition into their lives and careers after higher education.


Read the project blogs

In our three blog posts, Kate Daubney, Gemma Kenyon and Dr. Alexandra Mihaiat from University of London provide more information about this project.

Project lead: University of London


Project partner: City, University of London and King’s College London

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