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Our Collaborative Enhancement Projects offer funding opportunities for small groups of our member institutions to work together on projects of shared interest which enhance the quality of their own students' learning experiences and develop outputs to support the wider higher education sector. 


QAA supports a number of projects every year, covering a range of topics and interest areas. On this page you'll find projects related to apprenticeships.


Teaching Degree Apprenticeships (DA): Challenges, Motivations, Lessons Learnt and Good Practice Guidelines

Project lead: Staffordshire University 


Project partners: Kingston University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Middlesex University, University of Bolton and University of Wolverhampton

Incorporating experiential learning fully into STEM education: A toolkit for enriching the student experience

Project lead: University of Warwick


Project partners: Aston University, Glasgow Caledonian University and University of Strathclyde


Other Collaborative Enhancement Projects

You can find out more about all our Collaborative Enhancement Projects - and access resources and outputs - on our website.

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