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Higher Education in Apprenticeships

Characteristics Statement

Characteristics Statements describe the distinctive features of qualifications at particular levels within the Qualifications Frameworks. They describe the qualifications in terms of their purpose, general characteristics and generic outcomes, but do not include subject level detail.


On this page you will find the Characteristics Statement for Higher Education in Apprenticeships. A short summary of the Statement is published below.

About this Characteristics Statement


Higher and degree apprenticeships have important roles to play within the qualification landscape and are an area of growth along with higher and technical qualifications.


Apprenticeships are recognised as making valuable contributions in terms of social mobility, meeting skills needs and engaging a range of learners.


Apprenticeships require the collaboration of employers, higher education providers and relevant professional bodies in order to provide apprentices with access to professional careers.

This Characteristics Statement for Higher Education in Apprenticeships considers the context and purpose of higher and degree apprenticeships, as well as distinctive features of the qualifications including the integration of on-the-job and off-the-job learning. The Statement also covers the design, structure and delivery of higher education in apprenticeships and acknowledges the scope of higher education in apprenticeships across the UK.

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