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The UK Quality Code is a sector-led reference point which can be used in a range of flexible ways. It enables providers to understand the key features of provision that are fundamental to securing academic standards and to offering a high-quality student learning experience. It offers a framework upon which to evaluate and enhance policies and practices and aligns with recognised international reference points such as the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG).

Built on a shared understanding across the UK, the Quality Code enables providers to see what is expected of them and what they can expect of each other, irrespective of the regulatory framework in which they operate. It informs the public, protects students’ interests and champions the UK’s world-leading reputation for high-quality education provision.

Which version of the Quality Code should I use?


The Quality Code 2024 is currently in a transition phase of implementation. For information about which edition to use in each UK nation, and for Educational Oversight Review, please visit the Quality Code page where you will also find a link to the 2018 Quality Code should you need it.

Read the Quality Code 2024

The full Quality Code 2024 is available as a downloadable PDF, along with a summary document detailing the 12 Sector-Agreed Principles. You can also view these Principles on this web page, organised by theme. The Quality Code is also published in Welsh.

UK Quality Code for Higher Education 2024

Publication date: 27 Jun 2024

UK Quality Code for Higher Education 2024 - Sector-Agreed Principles

Publication date: 27 Jun 2024

Mapping the Quality Code to other quality and standards frameworks

In response to sector demand, QAA will provide a series of documents that map the Quality Code to the following frameworks:

  • Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG 2015)
  • Office for Students B Conditions (England)
  • Tertiary Quality Enhancement Framework (TQEF) principles (Scotland).

Advice and Guidance

The Quality Code will be accompanied by a set of Advice and Guidance. Each section will align with one of the 12 Sector-Agreed Principles and is designed to unpack and expand upon each of those Principles and its Key Practices.

We are keen to ensure that the Advice and Guidance reflects the current landscape and continues to be sector-led. To do this, we are establishing 12 writing groups, supported by expert readers, representing the four nations of the UK and the diversity of providers.  We expect this process to take three years, split into three tranches - see the development schedule. In the interim, transitional Advice and Guidance is being prepared using content from existing sources, which we hope to publish by October 2024. 

How the Quality Code is structured

Sector-Agreed Principles and Key Practices

Click the Principle of the Quality Code you are interested in to display its Key Practices. See the Quality Code 2024 document for full information. 

Strategic approach

Evaluating quality and standards

Implementing the approach to
quality enhancement and standards

Key reference points