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We carry out reviews using a variety of methods. The method used depends on a number of factors, including a provider's location, status and the higher education qualifications it offers.

Quality Enhancement Review

The review method for higher education providers in Wales.

Gateway Quality Review: Wales

The method we use to scrutinize a provider's HE provision against the baseline regulatory requirements in Wales.

Enhancement-led Institutional Review

The review method for higher education providers in Scotland.

Higher Education Review and Annual Monitoring

The method we use to review providers who are not eligible to register with the OfS for educational oversight purposes. Providers must undergo annual monitoring visits as part of the overall review process.

Quality and Standards Review

This review method provided evidence to the Office for Students to allow the OfS to make judgements about whether providers meet the requirements of the OfS regulatory framework.

Degree Apprenticeships Review

The method we used to review Degree Apprenticeships in Wales in 2020-21.