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This page details examples of practice and approaches that have been taken by institutions in the Czech Republic in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, in areas such as learning and teaching, assessment and feedback, and student support.

Assessment and Grading
  • New changes in the organisation of study at Charles University
    It seems that under Czech law, it is not yet possible for final exams to be taken remotely. The website for Charles University in Prague notes that a bill on special rules of study and decision-making at universities in 2020 and extending periods of study for the purposes of additional legislation - to be debated in the Czech parliament - could make the remote taking of final exams possible. If approved by legislators and signed into law, University regulations entitled Special Rules of Study at Charles University will be registered. The completion of this process will make it possible to take state final exams remotely. They expect that the changes could be introduced by the end of April 2020.