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Since the pandemic, members have often asked us what constitutes a high-quality experience within digital and blended delivery. Our Hallmarks of Success series provides high-level guiding principles that underpin success in a number of areas.


Published as playbooks on our Membership Resources Site, this four-part series helps members explore the conditions needed to achieve success in digital and blended delivery, identify potential roadblocks to success and determine how they can be navigated. 

Applying the Playbooks through interactive Sprints


To support members to maximise the benefits of the Hallmarks of Success Playbooks, we’re delivering a range of ‘Sprints’.


These are short bursts of future-facing, interactive sessions delivered over a 6-week period designed for members to share knowledge, explore challenges and devise personalised action plans to enable success within their own modules, courses and institutions. Members use the energy of the Sprint sessions to tackle an issue, consider a new approach and discuss ideas with fellow colleagues to develop and enrich their plans.


The next Sprint will take place throughout May and June 2023, focusing on Course Design. Sign up to our Member Update to hear when applications open!