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QAA Membership covers a wide range of areas of work. This includes UK-wide work to secure standards and quality, as well as enhancement-facing activities co-created with our members. Our global reach and strong network of international partnerships enable us to support members in securing and reinforcing UK higher education’s global reputation for excellence and enhancing the student learning experience wherever they are studying.


In each area of work, we offer our members a range of practical resources that ensure you have the right information and tools at your fingertips - available on our Membership Resources Site. Topical events and workshops provide opportunities to develop and exchange ideas on the latest policy and practice.

Areas of work

Our Membership offer 2022-23

Each year, QAA Membership focuses on particular themes and topics within these areas of work. Informed by our horizon-scanning and co-created through engagement with members, the themes and topics for 2022-23 build on learning from previous years to help you prepare for the future. Find out more in our Membership brochures.

Membership offer 2022-23