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Following the growth of institutions adopting block or immersive models of learning, this project aimed to collate experiences, approaches and methods across the sector to evaluate the impact of block teaching.

Even prior to the pandemic, universities were grappling with concerns over student transition, retention, engagement and developing an enhanced sense of belonging and community. Students increasingly requiring greater flexibility in attendance and choice of study mode has resulted in universities reviewing their approaches to delivery.

Early research suggested that block pedagogy has helped improve attendance, retention and overall outcomes. Despite this, there were some concerns related to student skills in managing complexity, staff workloads and assessment deadlines. Transforming the curriculum can also be particularly problematic for programmes that rely on professional body recognition.

The project aimed to provide insights, guidance and support on block delivery through two key outputs; a sector-wide conference and a website incorporating multiple resources for educators and academic development professionals.

Discover the recommendations and resources from this project:
  • Learn in Block project website, packed full of resources and advice
  • Updates and presentation from the in-person conference held in September 2023.

Project outputs

Visit the Learn in Block project website

Discover numerous outputs from this project on the Learn in Block project website, a platform dedicated to sharing good practice and knowledge on immersive and block curriculum design across the global higher education sector. From podcasts to videos and case studies, the website contains many assets that are a valuable support and inspiration to those developing a block teaching approach.

The site also features a comprehensive resource list, including over 80 journals, case studies, book chapters and articles that span the last decade and focus on the pedagogy of block and immersive delivery.

At the project launch event, the team introduced the project research and discussed the resources available on the Learn in Block project website.

Presentation: Evaluating the impact of Block Delivery

Publication date: 16 Apr 2024


On 21 September 2023 an in-person conference attracted over 100 educators interested in block delivery, representing 40 institutions in the UK and beyond.

The conference centred on six themes: assessment and feedback, community and belonging, inclusive pedagogy, curriculum design, student experience and student outcomes.

Full details of the conference, including the presentation resources, are available on the Learn in Block website.

This Collaborative Enhancement Project has acted as a catalyst to develop a network of educators who will undoubtably continue to collaborate on developing further pedagogic innovation around block and immersive learning. This will be vital as the sector continues to innovate and evolve to respond to the ever-changing global landscape of higher education.

Further enquiries about the project can be sent to

Lead institution: De Montfort University

Partner institutions: Manchester Metropolitan University, Victoria University - Australia, University of Gloucestershire, University of Plymouth and University of Suffolk

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