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This project brings together colleagues from within the Evaluation Collective, a sector-wide network, to collate and respond to ‘wicked issues’ which exist within evaluation practices in higher education institutions.

Through the publication of evaluation issues and possible solutions in a digital Zine, the higher education sector will be supported to design better interventions leading to improved learning experiences and enhanced longer-term student outcomes. 

On completion of the project, the research team expect the higher education community will:

  • feel listened to and supported in their struggles to embed effective evaluation in a variety of spaces
  • access practical solutions to wicked evaluation issues within their contexts
  • build confidence with evaluation practices
  • design better interventions which lead to better learning experiences and enhanced longer-term student outcomes.

To review content from an aligned event, ‘What are the ‘wicked’ evaluation issues in higher education?’ please visit the Evaluation Collective website.

Please visit the live Padlet to add your wicked evaluation questions and issues.


Sheffield Hallam University


University of Sussex, University of Lincoln, University of Reading, Staffordshire University and Queens University Belfast. 

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