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Membership supports you to improve quality and standards continuously by giving you access to insight and valuable resources based on our extensive expertise. To find out more, visit our membership overview page where you will also find our membership brochures.

When you become a QAA member, you can access a range of exclusive online membership resources. The resources you can access depend on the membership package your institution has taken.

Our membership offer

In England you can create the membership offer that works best for you. QAA Membership can be enhanced by purchasing our Quality Insights and International Insights services, giving you access to more practical tailored content and expertise that’s right for your institution and its mission.

In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland membership embraces all the elements available in England together with the dedicated services we deliver to you.

What's coming up in 2019-20

As a QAA Member, there is a great choice of resources at your fingertips and the opportunity to belong to a partnership that is truly committed to the quality of UK higher education. Here is what's coming up over the next few months, in each of our three membership areas. A full year calendar for membership 2019-20 will be published in November.