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IQR for ACE Impact offers your institution the opportunity to demonstrate that your quality assurance systems conform to international standards. It also provides opportunities to: 

  • demonstrate effective quality assurance comparable to international best practice
  • strengthen your global positioning
  • drive improvement and excellence
  • develop partnerships with UK institutions. 

As an applicant institution you will be assessed against internationally recognised standards for quality assurance. The core standards used in IQR for ACE Impact are the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG), which have been developed for internal and external quality assurance in higher education. In assessing an institution, QAA takes into account the local contexts and local, national and regional regulatory requirements and standards.

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For more information about International Institutional Accreditation for ACE Impact and the IQR for ACE process, read our summary leaflet, watch our animation, or contact us.



You can also find more information about the stages involved in IQR for ACE Impact on our website: