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The UK is a major player in the field of international higher education. We take a leading role in international developments in standards and quality, working not just to maintain but to enhance and reinforce both the quality and integrity of the UK higher education sector and its reputation in the international sphere.


We are a member of a number of organisations and networks including ENQA and INQAAHE. We also have close relationships with many quality assurance agencies and government bodies around the world.


Find out more about our international projects, publications and partnerships around the world with our interactive map. Open the legend by using the menu button in the top left, then either select the label on the side menu or a country flag.


International strategy


In April 2023, we published our new strategy which will underpin QAA’s future work in ensuring that students and learners experience the highest possible quality of education. The version here is intended for international readers.


QAA Strategy 2023-27 (international version)

Publication date: 05 Apr 2023

Specialist global services


Through QAA Global we also offer specially designed products and services aimed at supporting the development of quality assurance systems and quality assurance professionals worldwide. You can find out more in our dedicated brochure.


QAA Specialist Global Services

Publication date: 25 Jan 2024

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Transnational education

We undertake independent assessments and evaluations of the quality of UK transnational education to inform regulatory decision-making.

International accreditation

We offer independent peer reviews for international institutions outside of the UK, leading to accreditation from QAA.

QAA International Membership

Become a QAA Member and benefit from vision, expertise and guidance on the topics that matter to your staff and students.


Our training courses have been designed for professionals from outside the UK to learn about the UK quality assurance system.


We have close relationships with international quality assurance agencies and have developed strategic links with several agencies around the world.

Networks & associations

We proactively engage with a number of international networks to support our work including ENQA, INQAAHE and CHEA.