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QAA Scotland has devolved responsibility for the work of QAA in Scotland.  

Our work is enhancement-led, in line with the Quality Enhancement Framework (QEF). The QEF supports higher education institutions in managing the quality of the student learning experience and provides public confidence in academic standards.  

We work closely with higher education providers, funding bodies and students’ organisations. Our partners include the Scottish Government, Scottish Funding Council, Universities Scotland, NUS Scotland, student partnerships in quality Scotland (sparqs), and Advance HE.

Engaging with students is integral to what we do. Every Enhancement-led Institutional Review (ELIR) team includes a full student member and we include student representatives in all our working groups and committees.  

We aim to ensure that our work recognises international perspectives and contributions. This includes developments in the Bologna Process and across the European higher education area.

Our Main Areas of Work

We support the work of our partners through peer review, quality enhancement and the student learning experience.

We deliver the external quality review of institutions through Enhancement-led Institutional Review (ELIR). This is the process we use in Scotland to maintain academic standards and enhance the quality of the student learning experience. 

We manage the Enhancement Themes, a multi-year programme of work that enables the sector to explore a specific area. We also coordinate Focus On projects to support the enhancement of policy and practice in the sector.

We deliver a major three-day international conference, as well as many other events. We commission and showcase work, so that the sector can learn from national and international practice. 

Find out more

For more information about our work in Scotland, please visit the QAA Scotland web pages.