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The Office for Students is the regulator for English higher education providers. In April 2018, QAA was designated by the Secretary of State as the Designated Quality Body for England undertaking assessments of providers on, or wishing to join the OfS’ register of higher education providers. As the DQB we also provide advice to the OfS in relation to degree awarding powers. To find out more about our work as the Designated Quality Body (DQB) in England, please visit the DQB website.


In summary, when commissioned by the OfS we undertake reviews of providers who wish to enter onto the register of English higher education providers, and of providers already on the register. As the DQB, QAA is also responsible for advising the OfS in relation to the award of degree awarding powers. For more information about the OfS’s approach to regulation, and their regulatory framework, visit the Office for Students website. 


For details of the Memorandum of Understanding between QAA as DQB and the Office for Students and details of DQB fees, please visit the DQB website.


Reviewing Private Providers

We review private or alternative higher education providers that wish to sponsor international students' visas (educational oversight reviews), or offer programmes that are eligible for student finance packages (specific course designation). Any new higher education providers in England wishing to apply for a review for the purposes of specific course designation should now access the information on the OfS website and follow this process.