Students’ associations have completed a range of work aimed at improving assessment and feedback. We have collated examples of this work which relate to five categories.

Student Partnership Agreements

Helping universities and students’ associations to define the relationship between the university and students.


Students’ associations working with universities to host conferences about improving assessment and feedback.


A range of methods to communicate what feedback looks like and information about assessment and feedback policy.


Information and guidance on how to improve their assessment and feedback practices using toolkits.

Promoting Feedback as a Learning Dialogue

Initiatives, designed to open and promote a two-way dialogue between students and markers in universities.

Principles of Student-friendly feedback

During a workshop at a sparqs (student partnership in quality Scotland) conference, delegates agreed the main principles of student-friendly feedback.

Five principles of Student Friendly Feedback

Publication Date: 12 Jun 2015

This document by sparqs was presented at the national conference 2015 exploring partnership working. During the workshop delegates were asked to discuss what they considered to be the main principles of student-friendly feedback and agreed on the following: Clear; Useful; Timely; Accessible; and Fair.

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Related Resource

Student-friendly Feedback: how feedback is created and used by students

Publication Date: 19 Jun 2015

This report by QAA Scotland reflects on the student-friendly feedback strand of the Focus On Assessment and Feedback project aimed to map current or recent work relating to assessment and feedback that was studentled or managed in partnership with students’ associations.

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Author: QAA Scotland
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