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Focus On Diaries is a new series of short, reflective videos from QAA Scotland, produced as part of our 2019-20 Technology Enhanced Learning project. Diaries feature the different perspectives of colleagues from across the higher education sector on their experience of digital education practice.

Dustin Hosseini

In his first Focus On Diary, Dustin Hosseini, Digital Education Facilitator (Senior Teaching Associate), reflects on how he’s been supporting colleagues at Lancaster University (and beyond) as they move to digital education.

In his second Focus On Diary, Dustin Hosseini discusses digital strategy, pedagogies of care and pedagogies of punishment. Includes top tips for motivating your learners and recommendations for reading if you want to explore critical digital pedagogy further.

In his final Focus On Diary, Dustin Hosseini asks how well are we preparing the current generation of students for the future, for life beyond academia, and reflects on this opportunity to evolve learning and teaching practice in the COVID era.

Professor Alastair Robertson

In his first Focus On Diary, Professor Alastair Robertson, Director of Academic Development and Student Learning at Glasgow Caledonian University, reflects on the pivot to digital learning and teaching, including what's been successful and some of the challenges that lie ahead.

Professor Alastair Robertson is back for his second Focus On Diary, sharing Glasgow Caledonian University’s progress as they prepare students and staff for the new academic year, and talking about strategy beyond 2020/21.

Lee Ballantyne

In her first Focus On Diary, Lee Ballantyne, Head of Education Futures at University of the West of Scotland, explains how UWS are preparing for 2020-21 with their Creating Strength from Adversity project, and reflects on some of the challenges around learning design, working and learning in this new hybrid era.

In this Focus On Diary, Lee Ballantyne talks about the practical steps that University of the West of Scotland is taking to support staff as they prepare for teaching online in 2020-21 and how the institution is working to ensure that these new measures have the right impact.