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Effective arrangements in place at Robert Gordon University, according to independent quality experts

Date: August 20 - 2021

Robert Gordon University (RGU) has ‘effective arrangements for managing academic standards and the student learning experience’, according to a review conducted by QAA, the UK’s independent higher education quality body. The review commended the University’s achievements in several areas including employability and entrepreneurship, and partnership working and the student voice.

The review was undertaken by a team of five independent reviewers, who were appointed by QAA. The review took place through a Planning Visit in February 2021, followed by a Review Visit in April 2021. Its commendations included:

  • The University has taken deliberate steps to further enhance the development of employability and entrepreneurship skills across the student population through the use of curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • The University has developed an effective strategic approach to developing and working with partner organisations that spans business, industry, services and government bodies - nationally and internationally - which has a clear focus on economic, social and educational impact.
  • The University and the student body have developed a genuine culture of effective collaboration which is embedded through both formal and informal mechanisms at all levels of the institution.
  • The University has an effective approach to the use of data which is easily accessible to academic and professional services staff, and which informs evaluation, action planning and decision-making.

Veronica Strachan, University Secretary and Assistant Chief Academic Officer at RGU, commented: ‘We are very pleased with the recent outcome of the ELIR, which has given commendation to RGU’s focus on whole person education, employability and entrepreneurship. The report recognises the work of staff from across the institution who, in a genuine partnership with the student body, are delivering both high-quality academic standards and a very positive student experience.

‘Importantly, the process has allowed us to reflect on many areas of our operations, including effective stakeholder engagement and our use of data to inform evaluation, action planning and decision-making - both of which were commended by QAA in the report.

‘As a leading modern University, we are committed to continuous improvement, and we will take forward the helpful recommendations of the panel.’

QAA’s report also makes a number of recommendations, asking the University to:

  • reflect on the way in which institutional policies and practice are implemented at school level to ensure parity of student experience across the institution
  • continue to develop and embed equality, diversity and inclusion strategy, actions and practices throughout all aspects of university activity and monitor the impact, ensuring that there is ownership and understanding amongst staff and students
  • consider and resolve the institutional approach to the grading system to ensure consistency and understanding for students by the start of the academic year 2022.