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Building on extensive feedback from across the UK sector, QAA conducted a formal consultation on the proposed 2024 edition of the Quality Code from 8 April to 17 May 2024. The final version of the Quality Code will be published on 27 June 2024.


The revised model represents a significant change to the 2018 version of the Quality Code. It offers more information for providers when considering their approach to quality and standards yet retains a succinct and clear overview of what providers can expect of themselves and each other.


The Sector-Agreed Principles and the Key Practices that sit under them are divided into three core areas: Strategic approach, Evaluating quality and standards, and Implementing the approach to quality enhancement and standards, as shown below.


Strategic approach

Principle 1: Taking a strategic approach to managing quality and standards

Principle 2: Engaging students as partners

Principle 3: Resourcing the delivery of a high-quality learning experience

Evaluating quality and standards

Principle 4: Using data to inform and evaluate quality

Principle 5: Monitoring, evaluating and enhancing provision

Principle 6: Engaging in external quality and standards review and accreditation   

Implementing the approach to quality enhancement and standards

Principle 7: Designing, developing, approving and modifying programmes   

Principle 8: Operating partnerships with other organisations

Principle 9: Recruiting, selecting and admitting students

Principle 10: Supporting students to achieve their potential  

Principle 11: Teaching, learning and assessment

Principle 12: Operating concerns, complaints and appeals processes  

Read the proposed Quality Code

The proposal for the Quality Code includes a new structural model and a revised approach to the Sector-Agreed Principles and Key Practices. You can find our more in the April consultation version below (note that the consultation is now closed).


Detailed Advice and Guidance will follow publication of the Quality Code. Work will begin on the Advice and Guidance in September 2024.

The UK Quality Code for Higher Education: Version for sector consultation (April 2024)

Publication date: 08 Apr 2024

All resources are available in Welsh on our Welsh language page.