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Quality and Standards Review is the method we use to provide evidence to the Office for Students (OfS) about whether providers applying to be on the OfS's Register meet the core practices of the UK Quality Code for Higher Education. This will apply to providers who need to demonstrate how they meet the quality and standards conditions of registration - commonly, new providers to the sector.

Quality and Standards Review is:

  • focused on the interests of students and the outcomes which matter to students, rather than the underlying policies or procedures put in place by a provider
  • flexible, in that it can accommodate a broad range of different kinds of providers and provision and consider each provider on the merits of its own provision
  • risk-based and targeted, in that it will tailor its approach and focus attention according to the risks of non-compliance in different providers.

Is my provider eligible for Quality and Standards Review?

The method is designed as a quality and standards assessment for providers that wish to join the OfS's Register of higher education providers in England for the first time, and need to demonstrate how they meet the quality and standards conditions of registration. QSR will commonly apply to new providers coming into the higher education sector.

The OfS will confirm with each provider during the registration process if a Quality and Standards Review is required.


Quality and Standards Review Guidance for Providers

Publication Date: 11 Oct 2018

Provider Information Form

This form is to be used by providers to provide QAA with information, above that already supplied to the Office for Students (OfS), that will help plan the QSR. Please only submit this form if you have received explicit confirmation from the OfS that the next stage in the registration process is for the QAA to conduct a QSR.