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Millennium Performing Arts

Latest Report

Higher Education Review (Alternative Providers): Millenium Performing Arts, Partial Review, April 2018

Publication Date: 06 Jul 2018


  • The enhancement of student learning opportunities at the provider meets UK expectations

Important Notes

Since the Higher Education Review report on Millennium Performing Arts was published, QAA conducted a partial re-review of the one area which originally received a negative judgement - the enhancement of student learning opportunities. The re-review team was satisfied that the original recommendations had been acted upon in a serious and effective way. As a result, in July 2018 the judgement was amended from 'requires improvement to meet UK expectations' to 'meets UK expectations'.

Previous Reports

Higher Education Review (Alternative Providers): Millennium Performing Arts, May 2017

Publication Date: 23 Oct 2017

Additional Information

In response to the findings highlighted in the Higher Education Review report, the provider published an action plan.