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Skills and Education Group Access – Delayed Results

Date: July 29 - 2022

We have been notified that results data files for some Access to HE Diplomas, awarded by Skills and Education Group, did not meet the deadline for results to be processed by UCAS.

These results could not be included in the initial results transfer to higher education receiving institutions, and these students will experience a delay in finding out whether they have gained a place.

QAA deems this a serious incident, noting the potential adverse effect to students. We have therefore initiated an immediate inquiry. We will work with all parties concerned to ensure that students’ results from Skills and Education Group Access are provided to higher education receiving institutions as quickly as possible. Students or providers affected may contact QAA officers by email on if they have concerns about their individual situation.

UCAS has confirmed to QAA and higher education receiving institutions that results for students from all other Access Validating Agencies were successfully transferred to higher education receiving institutions on Thursday 28 July 2022.