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Questions for reflection on creating inclusive subject learning communities

Date: November 29 - 2021

QAA aims to support inclusive practices in academic courses, promoting staff-student dialogue and developing inclusive subject learning communities through a new interactive resource. Our new Questions for Reflection resource is designed to be read alongside the recently published QAA advice on Creating Inclusive Subject Learning Communities.

It offers a series of prompts and questions to reflect on four key parts of an academic course:

  • Curriculum design
  • Course content
  • Learning and teaching
  • Assessment and feedback practices

Questions for Reflection is designed for academics, curriculum managers, educational developers, and quality assurance and enhancement professionals involved in curriculum development, course review and monitoring. It may also be useful in the design of policy and strategic planning for student experience, learning, teaching and assessment, and equality, diversity and inclusion.

Dr Ailsa Crum, QAA’s Director of Membership, Quality Enhancement and Standards said: ‘Taken alongside our advice on creating inclusive subject learning communities, this interactive resource encourages honest reflection on how best to embed inclusivity within subject learning communities. In doing so, an institution has the potential to bring about transformational change and enhance their students’ academic experience.’

The interactive Questions for Reflection resource is available to QAA Members with the Quality Insights package on our Membership Resources Site. A PDF version is also available. Staff and students from QAA Member institutions can register for the site via our short registration form.