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QAA imagines a future beyond the pandemic with new Quality Compass publication

Date: July 30 - 2021

QAA is exploring what UK higher education might look like in a post-pandemic society through the third edition of our Quality Compass series. Quality Compass helps our Members explore ideas and consider responses to future opportunities and challenges in the rapidly changing landscape of higher education.

The latest resource comes as many higher education providers plan for digital modes of delivery in both the short and long term. Coupled with emerging innovations in digital pedagogy, this edition of Quality Compass is positioned right at the heart of conversations about the future delivery of higher education in the UK.

In this publication, QAA explores some of the new terms being used - like ‘hybrid’, ‘hyflex’ and the emerging concept of a ‘smart campus’ - and explains how these differ from other commonly referenced models of learning like ‘blended learning’.

Looking to the future, QAA considers the role of digital pedagogy, and the future of the campus experience as higher education emerges from the ‘panicgogy’ caused by the pandemic and embraces the opportunities offered in the longer term.

Ultimately, QAA sees ‘learning’ as the common element of all modes of education - be that ‘online’, ‘blended’, ‘hybrid’ or ‘hyflex’, and the number one priority must be to create a high-quality, meaningful and fulfilling experience for all students.

You can read Quality Compass: Hybrid Futures: Hopes for Higher Education on our website.

Our Quality Compass series is funded by QAA Members and we have chosen to make this series publicly available to support wider debate on key matters or policy issues in the UK and internationally.

The first edition of Quality Compass focuses on navigating assessment in a digital environment, and the second focuses on micro-credentials. Both are available to view on our public website.

QAA offers Quality Compass as a conversation starter and we invite your contributions and reactions. How do you see the future of higher education delivery? How do you think campuses will be used beyond the immediate future?

If you have a topic you would like explored in future editions, or would you like to respond to anything raised in a previous edition, please contact us at We are always keen to hear from you.