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QAA Cymru reports on Welsh Language commitment for 2020-21

Date: January 24 - 2022

QAA Cymru has published the latest annual report on its engagement with the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 during academic year 2020-21.

QAA is subject to the Welsh Language Standards (No.2) Regulations and the  report demonstrates how we comply with these standards in service delivery, operations, policy-making and record-keeping.  The report also includes activity that demonstrates our wider commitment to the Welsh language and its role in higher education in Wales and how we continue to engage with the work of the Welsh Language Commissioner. 

The overall approach to meeting Welsh Language Standards at QAA is designed to create a culture of appreciation and understanding across the organisation.

The widespread commitment to the Welsh language includes a dedicated cross-organisational Welsh Language Working Group, which was successfully piloted in academic year 2020-21 and will continue into 2021-22. The group has oversight of the Welsh Language Standards at QAA and develops approaches and best practice for the benefit of the organisation and Welsh language speakers who engage with us. 

Commenting on the publication of the report, Alastair Delaney, DCEO of QAA said:

‘We’re proud of the progress we’re making to ensure that QAA is as accessible and inclusive as possible for Welsh speakers. This is a vital part of our commitment to our work in Wales and to supporting Welsh Government’s Cymraeg 2050 strategy. We’ll continue to improve and are already developing plans for the further development of our QAA Cymru content and Welsh language commitment in 2022.’

You can read the report in full on the QAA website.