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QAA Briefing: Helping providers get the most from their data

Date: October 16 - 2018

Data provides great opportunities to the higher education sector, enabling providers to be more responsive to students’ needs, to allocate resources more efficiently and plan better. But to make the most of this opportunity, we need good data - and the best way to get good data is to start treating it as an asset.

In the latest QAA Briefing, we look at how taking good care of your data has a positive impact on higher education quality and the student experience. With developments such at the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF) putting student data in the spotlight, universities and other higher education providers are paying closer attention than ever to data capability in their institutions.

The briefing also offers information on what QAA is doing in this area, including our participation in the Higher Education Data and Information Improvement Programme, and our involvement in the Evidence for Enhancement: Improving the Student Experience Enhancement Theme that operates in Scottish higher education. Finally, the briefing offers a case study from Norland College, whose understanding and contextualising of the data it holds led to TEF success in 2018.