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New QAA Viewpoint: Quality and value for money

Date: August 2 - 2018

What does value for money mean in UK higher education? In the latest QAA Viewpoint, we explore the factors that seem to have the biggest impact on students' perceptions of value and unpick the differing interpretations of what it means.

The Viewpoint notes that, in spite of different policy contexts in the four nations of the UK, there is a strong collective focus on the responsibility to deliver value and enhance students' experiences - something that sets UK higher education apart on the international stage.

It also explores how quality measures offer a perspective on value for money, demonstrated both through student academic experiences and student outcomes. Student submissions to QAA reviews in recent years, suggest an increased focus on overarching issues such as value for money and inconsistencies in the student experience. A commitment to enhancement, supported by QAA and other sector organisations, can help improve the quality of students' experiences and, in turn, improve the perception that students get good value from UK higher education.