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Access to HE provider views sought on managing the award of Access to HE Diplomas in 2020-21

Date: September 3 - 2020

At the start of the new academic year, we would like to encourage Access to HE providers to respond to an ongoing consultation being undertaken by Access Validating Agencies (AVAs). The consultation seeks views on a number of areas that will determine the ways in which the Access to HE Diploma can operate effectively to the benefit of providers, AVAs and Access students. The closing date for responses is Friday 11 September 2020 at 5pm.

The consultation seeks views on:

Data collection - should providers continue to record student grade indicators (assessment grades) and unit grades for collection by AVAs?

This should allow AVAs to manage any potential future local or national issues relating to the current COVID-19 pandemic and ensure full information on prior attainment on courses is available for each student, to support the principles underpinning quality assurance and standardisation.

Principles underpinning the quality assurance and standardisation process of the qualification - should there be greater consistency in the application of the national approach to quality assurance and standardisation?

This should ensure students continue to receive fair and robust grades, while making more effective use of providers’ time, for example through the application of nationally standardised documentation and processes.

Release of results - should there be a national results day for Access to HE students?

This should ensure that students have the same opportunity for appeal within the same timeframe when managing any potential future local or national issues relating to the current pandemic.

Access to HE provider responses are being coordinated by AVAs, so please contact your AVA with your views before 5pm on 11 September. You can also email the Access Team at QAA and we will share your views with AVAs.

Further consultations on any potential future local or national issues relating to the current pandemic will follow from your AVAs.

QAA would like to thank Access to HE providers for their positive engagement and their diligence in ensuring over 22,000 students received their Access to HE Diplomas this summer, and hope you will be able to take the opportunity to feed into this consultation.