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As a member, you will benefit from being part of a UK-wide membership community that is committed to quality.

We will work collaboratively with our members to:

  • address sector-wide challenges including safeguarding degree standards
  • maintain the tools to deliver the highest academic quality, including current and relevant standards and frameworks, such as the Quality Code for Higher Education and revised Subject Benchmark Statements
  • advance UK higher education’s international leadership in quality assurance and enhancement through our strategic partnership work with agencies across the world
  • provide an expert and independent voice on quality and standards.

Developing the quality and standards frameworks fundamental to UK higher education, and to our shared approach to quality, enhancement and regulation. 

You will benefit from:

  • maintaining the frameworks for higher education qualifications and their alignment with international frameworks, such as ensuring continued compatibility and referencing with European qualifications frameworks as part of the Bologna Process
  • collaborating with you and industry experts to commence the revision of up to 40 Subject Benchmark Statements and map them to the new Quality Code for Higher Education, ensuring your programmes maintain currency and relevance in light of the Statement of Intent on degree standards
  • reviewing the impact of the Quality Code Advice and Guidance
  • developing a new characteristics statement for higher and degree apprenticeships.

Working in partnership with the UK higher education sector, QAA will continue to identify and respond to emerging issues to support you in delivering the highest quality experience for your students.

You will benefit from our work with and on behalf of the sector which includes:

  • developing clear guidance on degree classifications, degree outcomes statements and other aspects of the Statement of Intent published by the UK Standing Committee for Quality Assessment
  • producing guidance that provides solutions to challenges and opportunities for innovation, including updated guidance on embedding sustainability throughout the curriculum and revised credit frameworks
  • leading the fight against essay mills and helping your front-line staff detect and deter cheating, and maintain academic integrity
  • working with partners, such as the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education, to shape good practice and the development of quality assurance for degree apprenticeships
  • research to provide new insight on a subject chosen by our members, a recent example being our work on how student opinion can be used as an indicator of quality
  • in England and Wales, our work to promote and develop the Access to HE Diploma which brings over 23,950 students into UK higher education each year, many from underrepresented groups.

Advancing UK higher education’s international leadership and voice in global quality assurance and enhancement.

You will benefit from:

  • shaping the development of pan-European approaches to quality assurance through strong links within the European Higher Education Area
  • development and maintenance of relationships and partnerships with governments and agencies outside of the UK; extending understanding of the quality of UK higher education, strengthening cross-border cooperation and mutual recognition
  • up to four country-specific reports on the landscape and regulatory environment in key countries for UK higher education, supporting your international partnerships and TNE work
  • working with strategic countries for UK higher education to shape and align frameworks for TNE, such as Malaysia and Sri Lanka
  • planned new international partnership arrangements with Thailand, Nigeria and UAE at federal level, adding to our 14 existing partnership agreements around the world.

On behalf of our members, we will exercise our convening power effectively and strategically to reflect sector views and experiences when developing policy, providing authoritative and credible advice to governments and other key sector bodies.

You will benefit from:

  • providing an expert voice on quality and standards to reviews and consultations, the media, and in UK-wide and international forums
  • advising and expressing views on quality-related issues to governments, regulators and funding bodies
  • working to facilitate students to engage in quality matters.

Membership voice

QAA Membership is driven by its members for its members. As a member your voice can shape our future services through a number of channels:

Membership Advisory Group - the group is a collection of senior colleagues drawn from QAA members across the UK representing a wide range of institutions within the HE sector. As a highly skilled sounding board, this body will work in partnership with QAA to advise, influence and challenge us to develop and deliver activities and services that maintain the value and currency of the membership programme.

Named contact - your named QAA contact will keep you updated on the membership activities that we undertake on your behalf and the benefits these bring to the UK higher education sector. You will be able to discuss these and share your feedback with us, ensuring we continue to understand your needs and meet your expectations.

Network events - opportunities to meet with UK higher education quality professionals to learn about and share good practice and discuss how the changing approaches to quality assurance and enhancement are being put into practice.

Preferential rates

As a member you receive preferential rates for non-member QAA events and services.  These include:

  • QAA annual conference
  • Student engagement events
  • Data Matters conference