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At the heart of membership of QAA is a strengthened partnership with UK higher education delivering services, expertise and guidance on key issues that are important to the sector and students:

  • help to maintain and enhance UK higher education’s global reputation for excellence
  • assure the standards and quality that are at the heart of UK higher education’s reputation
  • enhance the academic experience of your students wherever they are in the world.

Current QAA subscribers who choose to become QAA members will transition to membership on 1 August 2019.

QAA Membership brochure

Publication Date: 02 Jul 2019

Our membership offer

You can create the membership package that works best for you. QAA Membership in England can be enhanced by purchasing our Quality Insights and International Insights packages, giving you access to more tailored content and expertise that’s right for your institution and its mission.


QAA Membership

QAA Membership provides you with the essential elements to deliver high-quality outcomes for your students and ensure that UK higher education maintains its reputation for excellence. This includes maintaining a shared responsibility for quality and standards; collaborating with you to address sector-wide challenges; leveraging international partnerships and engagement; and providing expert advice on quality issues.

Quality Insights

Quality Insights is a strategic programme of enhancement-focused events, webinars, guidance documents and facilitated discussions. No matter how well established your quality assurance approach, you will be able to benefit from the sharing of ideas, keeping your knowledge and skills up-to-date and resources to enable you to assure standards and focus on enhancing the academic experience for your students.

International Insights

International Insights provides advice and support to help you explore issues on quality assuring and enhancing TNE delivery and succeed in your international work and partnerships.

Nations Membership

Providers in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will have full access to all membership services, including Enhancement Services, thanks to agreements with the funding and representative bodies in each nation. More information is available in our brochures for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

QAA members in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will have their subscription fee held at 2018-19 rates.