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The benefit of effective evaluation to help practitioners and institutions learn about and improve their provision is not yet widely enough understood within or across the sector. The Learning Together Project is designed to lead to an improved understanding of how we can better enable the high-quality evaluation of complex educational enhancement work.

Participants in the project are examining how effective evaluation practice can enhance the reach, value and impact of their educational provision – both within and between their institutions, and ultimately to the benefit of the wider sector.

Staff and students from each partner institution will work together using a Theory of Change methodology to:

  • increase expertise in the evaluation of learning, teaching and assessment within and between partner universities through professional exchange and learning;
  • develop an approach to transparency and shared standards in evaluating the effectiveness of educational practices.

Our approach to this work is based on trialling ways in which peer review can validate and improve the methodology and impact of a chosen evaluation case study from each institution. Colleagues from each partner institution will participate in the peer review team and work together both to review each institution’s evaluation case study and to develop tools and processes to share across the sector.



The project will lead to the development of:

  • A Learning Together Project guide to enable enhanced learning about and from the evaluation of inclusive learning, teaching and assessment
  • Case studies which provide institutional and sectoral insights to enhance educational provision
  • The Learning Together Project Chronicle: a blog detailing insight development and project findings
  • A webinar to share practice and provide recommendations to support the higher education community to adopt new approaches to effective evaluation of inclusive learning, teaching and assessment.

Project Lead:

Newcastle University

Project Partners:

Lancaster University, University of Exeter, University of Leeds, University of Manchester, University of Sheffield and University of York

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