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About the consultation

In July 2020, Universities UK International and GuildHE commissioned QAA to develop a new approach to reviewing and enhancing the quality of UK transnational education in response to the Future Approaches to the External Quality Enhancement of UK Higher Education Transnational Education report.


In October 2020, we published the proposed new method for the evaluation and enhancement of the quality of UK TNE, which is now open to consultation until the new extended deadline of 18 November 2020. An introduction to the consultation and the full consultation document are published below.

The Quality Evaluation and Enhancement of UK TNE provision 2021-22 to 2025-26: Introduction

Publication Date: 12 Oct 2020

The Quality Evaluation and Enhancement of UK TNE Provision 2021-22 to 2025-26: Consultation

Publication Date: 12 Oct 2020


The consultation seeks views on how the method can operate to meet the needs of the sector. It assesses to what extent the Handbook is perceived to reflect the 11 principles proposed by Universities UK (UUK) and GuildHE designed to underpin any approach to the quality enhancement of UK higher education TNE.


An effective system should:

1         be UK-wide

2         apply to all degree-awarding bodies who engage in TNE

3         be valid for all types of TNE

4         be cost-efficient

5         be flexible and responsive

6         minimise the burden to institutions, avoiding duplication of course or institutional review and aligning with the review processes of professional, statutory and regulatory bodies (PSRBs), where relevant and appropriate

7         have the student experience at its heart

8         ensure equivalence of student experience and student outcomes between TNE and UK-based students

9         retain international trust and maintain the reputation of the UK's quality assurance approach

10       be enhancement-led

11       be informed by robust metrics where available and align with UK data-informed approaches where possible.

The proposed method

The proposed method maintains a UK-wide approach to the quality enhancement of TNE and has been developed in line with principles outlined in the commissioning letter from UUK and GuildHE. It will be enhancement-led and informed by robust metrics where available.

The quality enhancement approach is designed to identify shared challenges, areas for development and effective solutions through highlighting innovative and effective practice. This approach will complement internal and external quality assurance within the UK and provide confidence for a wide range of stakeholders, both in the UK and internationally.

How to respond

Please use the online survey to respond to the consultation by the new extended deadline of 18 November (23:00GMT).


A MS Word version of the survey questions is provided below to assist when preparing your responses.


Next steps

A summary report of this consultation will be published on the QAA website in January 2021. A new programme of in-country enhancement activity will be launched later in 2021.