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QAA has been commissioned by the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) to undertake the review of Degree Apprenticeships in Wales for the academic year 2020-21. The review is only concerned with Degree Apprenticeships funded through HEFCW, made available on a pilot basis since 2018-19, covering three priority areas: Digital, Engineering, and Advanced Manufacturing.


Following a public consultation on a draft review method in August 2020, a final handbook was published in October 2020. A summary document outlines the responses received to the consultation and the corresponding updates made to the handbook.


The Degree Apprenticeship Review is designed to be a developmental review focused on higher education providers' delivery of the programme including work-based learning. A key feature of the review is the use of the QAA Characteristics Statement for Higher Education in Apprenticeships.  


The review will result in an unpublished report for each lead provider which will be shared with HEFCW. There will be a published sector-wide report which will provide an anonymised summary of the provision and findings for all the reviews and make recommendations for the future delivery of apprenticeship programmes. This review will complement the Welsh Government’s evaluation of the HEFCW Degree Apprenticeships pilot scheme. 

Handbook and Guidance

Briefing for the review of Degree Apprenticeships in Wales

A briefing for providers, partners and Lead Apprentice Representatives was held by QAA on 2 November, to provide context to the review and support providers to begin their preparation.


A recording of the briefing is published opposite, accompanied by a copy of the presentation and a summary of questions and discussion from the session. This briefing took place in English. 

Overview report

This overview report shares some of the key findings from the Degree Apprenticeships Review (Wales).


Welsh Language Provision


We are committed to treating the Welsh and English languages as equal and taking into account the requirements and expectations of Welsh Language Standards. For further information, see Annex D of the Handbook.