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We write extensively on issues affecting higher education policy and practice across the UK.

This year, our blog has featured thought pieces covering a range of topics including data-led quality, the Access to HE Diploma, flexible approaches to HE provision, the long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, engagement with European higher education, reform of Welsh HE regulation, and student perspectives on COVID-19.

We also write for sector outlets including Wonkhe, Times Higher Education and Research Professional. Topics covered this year have included essay mills, transnational education, professional qualifications and PSRBs, sustainable development, flexible learning, the impact of COVID-19, and an evaluation of the Scottish Enhancement Theme.


We introduced a new publication, Quality Compass, designed to help our members navigate and respond to future challenges and opportunities.


  1. The first edition explores some of the key issues around assessment in a digital environment including the concept of ‘authentic assessment’. It looks at how members can approach assessment from a principles-based position, what the ethics of remote assessment mean, and how to place learner-centric models at the centre of assessment strategy.
  2. The second edition focuses on micro-credentials. It defines the terms ‘micro-credentials’ and ‘modular qualifications’ and identifies some of the challenges to the development of units or modules of credit-bearing learning.
  3. Our third edition focuses on what the future of higher education in the UK may look like as many providers plan for hybridised models of education delivery. We explore some of the new terms being used - like ‘hybrid’ and ‘hyflex’ - and the benefits and risks of the ‘smart campus’.

In response to feedback that our members would like materials presented in audio format, we have made Quality Compass available in written and audio versions.

We regularly publish reports and briefing for members such as: UK Higher Education in /Europe Post Brexit, Higher Education in Apprenticeships, QAA's response to the Office for Students' consultation on regulating quality and standards in higher education

QAA for me represents a community of higher education practice. Nothing in higher education stays the same for very long, and being able to be part of a community where we’re horizon scanning and we’re looking at what is next around the corner means that in the future we know that we will be able to be having the right conversations and making the right decisions.

Professor Becky Huxley-Binns
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education), University of Hull
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