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Student engagement is a defining factor of UK higher education. It is embedded in the UK Quality Code for Higher Education, which enables a shared understanding of quality and standards that are material to the UK higher education experience. It is therefore important that those leading and supporting student engagement are equipped to engage fully with the Expectations of the Quality Code.

To support members, we have published a new practical toolkit, which aids the planning of enhancement activities that engage, or are led by, students. We are also offering training for those supporting student engagement in quality enhancement. Key audiences for these outputs will include students’ unions (SU) and representative bodies, Student Presidents and Vice-Presidents, SU staff and student engagement practitioners.

  • Toolkit [LINK] - providing support and information to plan quality enhancement activities that both engage and consult students. It includes an introduction to the Quality Code and sector agreed reference points for quality and standards, bringing the language of quality to the context of student engagement. Practical exercises will enable members to use the Toolkit in their own context and to record and reflect on their activity planning.
  • Training - providing an introduction to quality for students’ unions and other staff involved in student engagement. Using the toolkit, together with real life example, this training will enable members to engage with HE quality and standards and to support student engagement within their own providers.

We are currently developing a new practical toolkit for students' unions and staff involved in student engagement, which will be supported by training.

  1. Practical toolkit - will support students’ unions and other staff involved in student engagement to evaluate and demonstrate the impact of the ways students are engaged in quality assurance and enhancement in their institutions. 
  2. Training - will act as an introduction to quality for students’ unions and other staff involved in student engagement. It will incorporate an introduction to the toolkit and signpost resources, and also help participants to train student representatives and officers in their own institutions.