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Our new quarterly Engaging Students in Quality and Standards newsletter highlights activities, projects and key information about student engagement in quality practice from across the UK.

The first newsletter was launched in October 2020 and offered readers an overview of recently published resources on a variety of topics.

In December, the newsletter included a spotlight on student engagement in practice from the University of Dundee and DUSA, an update on our work with members on academic integrity, the launch of our new programme of Collaborative Enhancement Partnerships, and more on our Education for Sustainable Development Guidance and the HE Credit Framework for England.

We also launched a new series for members - Talking about Quality - with the first edition focusing quality, standards and value for money. It aimed to help students have effective conversations with their higher education provider by clarifying some of the key terms.

Talking about Quality: Supporting Student Discussions on Quality, Standards and Value for Money

Publication date: 15 Feb 2021

We are now working on student specific resources to help students understand the recently published Education for Sustainable Development guidance and the forthcoming Credit Framework for England as well as a toolkit and training programme to help evaluate the impact of student engagement initiatives.