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Country Reports

We have published three country reports in key TNE destinations: Sri Lanka, People’s Republic of China and the United Arab Emirates. Further reports on the Republic of India and Japan will be published in late March and July, respectively.

These reports have been developed in collaboration with key stakeholders including British Council, UUKi and, where possible, the quality assurance agencies within the respective countries.

India has implemented a New Education Policy which makes it of significant interest to UK higher education institutions.

Supporting Webinars

Our Country Reports are supported by a webinar programme to add further insight and access to expert knowledge, providing members with recent updates in policy, market trends and key operational guidance.

Webinars on China and UAE have involved key stakeholders including British Council, UUKi and the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA). International Insights members have had the opportunity to raise topics and questions of interest in advance of the webinars to ensure that the presenters could target their content.

The China webinar focused on recent trends in TNE and the regulatory landscape for HE to inform members of changes and potential opportunities. Presentations were from Fraser Deas, Head of Education Services British Council China and Griff Ryan, TNE projects Officer and Alan Gregory, Policy Officer Asia from UUKi.

The UAE webinar saw Professor Rhys Rowland-Jones from the CAA outlining their federal role, the process and stages involved in gaining licensure, and the implications for UK higher education providers.

Later this membership year, we will offer an additional webinar to support and complement our resources on the United Arab Emirates. It will focus on the quality agencies role in gaining Emirate specific recognition.

Following publication of the India Country Report, there will be a webinar which includes presentations from the Association of Indian Universities and British Council India.

Case Studies

We published five case studies on TNE provision in China, provided by member universities in England, Scotland and Wales. Topics covered joint partnerships, partner relationships and Confucius Institutes to give a picture of the broad range of opportunities for TNE in, and from, China.

Coming up, we are working on three new case studies that will discuss professional accreditation by UK organisations on an international scale. Collaborators include ACCA, RSB and RICS.

Regional Studies

The first of our regional studies will be delivered in April and May. This will comprise two webinars – one on Bangladesh and one on Pakistan. A further webinar on India will be delivered in April. Webinars will involve expert speakers from British Council and will feature contributions from quality agencies, accreditation councils and stakeholders.

Members will be encouraged to ask questions and identify topics in advance of the webinars to ensure speakers address the issues of relevance to our members.